Anyone who gets hold of it can see where you’ve been. Here’s a tool to dump the info from your android handset and here’s one that will snoop through your backups and dump plot your travels on a map for iPhone.

These logs are much more interesting for snoops than for law enforcement. The government can compel your phone company to surrender this data for any phone given sufficient cause. The definition of “sufficient cause” varies by government, naturally.

If you’re going to clone a disk using SuperDuper, turn off spotlight for the destination volume. You don’t really want that destination volume to show up in search results anyway, and it drastically speeds up the cloning process if spotlight isn’t busy indexing things.

Adam Savage goes through the body imager, ends up boarding the plane with two giant razorblades

Rachel Maddow covers it well:

I haven’t had time to write much that’s not software or software-related lately. That continues today. But here’s a link I don’t want to forget: SM’s Clever Coffee Dripper. The espresso machine needs some maintenance right now, and the press pot is starting to annoy me when it comes time to clean it up. Also, once the whole “no time” problem eases, I’m planning to try my hand at roasting. While I’d like it to be so, I doubt everything I roast will be good in the espresso machine, and the french press will still be annoying to clean.

Go into the advanced settings for your account and change the location for deleted items. Also select the “Never” remove option.

Change the mailbox for deleted items to “All Mail”.

This makes the delete button from your iPhone work just like the “Archive” button on gmail.

Due to an absurdly bad streak of luck with my equipment, a kitchen remodel, a heavy work schedule, and some other demands on my time, I’ve barely kept up with email. When I’m in that place, posting here is out of the question. The kitchen remodel has now run its course, and I’ve turned my bad IT luck around with a nice new machine. Once I’ve finished transitioning my life to this monster MBP, I will post some photos of the remodel. The transformation is drastic. If I’ve missed an email or an IM from anyone, please resend… you’ve not been ignored, just lost in the flood.

I don’t know quite what to make of this, or the fact that I found it so funny.

Amazon Rank. It’s a miserable failure.

And I still haven’t tried all the ones from my last list. I am glad I got through a couple of bags of Lifesaver before Ritual discontinued it.

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