August 2007

The metadata aggregator looks particularly good. Just linking them here so I don’t forget about them. Edge-Security tools.

Today is one of those days that makes me happy that, at least at home, I don’t rely on Microsoft Windows for anything important. Though Microsoft might claim otherwise, product activation is nothing short of treating your customers like thieves. They assume you’re stealing their software and require you to prove otherwise in order to continue using it. Activation has grown more pervasive with the newest versions of Windows (”Vista”) and activation failures have become more intrusive. In older versions, failing to prove that you were using genuine Windows software just meant you couldn’t download certain updates from Microsoft. In newer versions, Microsoft actually checks more often and disables features, especially gaming features, in the operating system. Well, today, Microsoft’s activation servers are having a problem. No Aero or DirectX for you, vista users. But don’t worry. You should be able to use your software again in a few days. Hope you didn’t need that. The irony of all this is that, if you’d gotten an illegal cracked copy of Vista instead of paying for it through a legitimate channel, you would not be suffering from this failure right now. Only a monopolist could mistreat customers this badly and keep them.

The perfect tie.

Bad math.