December 2007

Oh yes. It’s real.

I’m not expecting this batch to be too fiery. I’m just recording the recipe here because I always forget my chili recipes after the fact and often want to reproduce them.

I don’t know how this one will turn out yet; I’ll update this after I try it. Click through for the full recipe.

Update 1: After about six hours in the slow cooker, the chili looked a little thin. I suppose my earlier judgement that it was too thick was off base. Maybe the recipe did not need an entire can of Yuengling. This has been remedied by adding potato flakes and stirring until the thickness looked about right. So far, this is a respectable batch. Not as good as last year’s, but solid. And it’s mild enough that we’ll both eat it. The real test comes after it gets to cure for a couple of days in the refrigerator, of course.


Word on the street is that CompUSA plans to close their remaining stores. I guess I’m sorry to see them go; I’ve found many good, if overpriced toys there over the years. Sure, their prices aren’t as good as most any online retailer, but they have the distinct advantage of offering a local spot where you can pick something up today. I’ll miss them for that, anyway. (via ars)

ES&S voting systems show every sign of being horrifically insecure; if you voted on one, you should feel no assurance that your vote was counted. That much is clear. The big question for me is, why did California wait until after they had purchased, deployed and used the machines to test? I don’t understand politics at all. Passing this test should’ve been a prerequisite to purchase in a sane world.

Hillary Clinton says that college students shouldn’t get to register and vote where they go to school. I have to say, I hope this backfires on her…