February 2008

Quoth Hillary Clinton at the Nevada Democratic debate:

I have a plan – a moratorium on foreclosures for 90 days [and] freezing interest rates for five years, which I think we should do immediately

Holy cow. Talk about exacerbating risks. The best thing I can say about this is that Edwards’ plan was worse.[Link]

Is there any way we can say that this man is qualified to be a world leader?

‘Nuff said!

I’ve kind of liked podcasts for some time now, but have not listened to them on a regular basis largely because of a flaw that I had entirely imagined. Today I drove around running a few errands, listening to one of my favorite podcasts from these guys. I was mildly annoyed when I finished up earlier than I thought I would and had not gotten to the end of my podcast, because I knew I’d have to fuss around to figure out where I left off and hear the end. Since I’m generally only in the car for 20 – 40 minutes at a time, this characteristic of podcasts has left me less enthusiastic about them than I might be. Today, though, out of dumb luck, I plugged the iPhone in to sync/charge a few minutes before I double-clicked the podcast to resume listening. I was quite happy to hear it pick up just where I had left off in the car. I can think of three or four podcasts I’d have listened to more regularly for the past couple years, had I discovered this feature sooner.

There’s a very handy script floating around that makes it easy to add an “Open Terminal Here” button to finder windows. It can even make sure the terminal goes into a new tab. For some reason, I wanted the tabs opened by this button to have a particular (non-default) them. Making this work proved trickier than it ought to be, because the script was just sending a command-t keystroke to the terminal in order to open a tab.

According to Bloomberg.com, Microsoft has offered $30 a share to buy Yahoo!, whose stock was trading at around $19 as of COB yesterday. I guess this should be construed as an admission that Ballmer does not consider MSN to be a successful business unit.