June 2008

[via Seth Godin]

So I’ve been playing with Symfony a bit lately, and it’s growing on me. I think I understand most of the “magic,” and am now looking to convince myself that it’s actually safe.

Since the different notes I found through google all have undesirable side effects (IMO), here’s how I did it. My goal was to minimize lasting impact on my system (i.e. I’d like to delete /Applications/MAMP and have everything back to normal, more or less) and minimal deviation from the standard MAMP install.

These notes were taken while setting up symfony 1.0 on MAMP 1.7.


Some really funny image generators.

Word on the street is that Verizon is going to stop carrying most of the Usenet. Apparently this is how they plan to implement their settlement with the NY AG. You have to suspect the rest of the mob who’s settling will use similarly coarse filters. With that, at least in the alt hierarchy, September could at last be over. I’m sorry to see it go, for a reason like this anyway.

I’ve finally decided to bring my personal projects out of the dark ages. After using CVS for years and years, I’m making the leap to Subversion. Git and friends look appealing, but, the fact is that “a little better than CVS” does it for me at this point. Plus I understand Subversion and the tool support on the Mac is excellent. For my server, I’m using VirtualBox 1.6.2 as the host and Ubuntu JEOS 8.04 as the guest. These notes may or may not be useful for others. I’m just trying to keep track of what I did here.

about “knocking off” a politician on the side Fox likes, Fox would be calling for their head.

That’s irritating.