August 2008

Just opened a bag that was roasted about two weeks ago. (That makes it exactly the same age as the peaberry I just finished.) This is a slightly lighter roast. It required me to go two clicks finer on the grinder to hit the sweet spot. It’s really flowery and maybe just a little acidic for my taste, at least as a shot. I’m reserving judgement on this one for now, but really enjoying it in an americano.

Just before I reached the end of my bag, I started getting consistently good shots from this one. This was more a matter of learning curve than anything related to the beans. Compared to the CC toscano blend everyone serves, this one is a bit more woody and ever so slightly more bitter. I definitely like it enough that I’ll include it on my next Boca order.

I’m probably going to be throwing espresso notes online here, since it seems as good a place as any to keep track of them. For the benefit of the innocents who might stumble across insane espresso posts and wonder, here’s the story of how the setup came about along with notes about the equipment.

So I finally snapped. I’ve been considering improving my coffee making setup approximately since we got the house. About a month ago, our coffee maker suddenly stopped making the water hot enough to brew a decent pot. I had always planned that the next coffee machine I got was going to be a good one, but hadn’t done my research to determine that. So I bought a press pot from target to keep me caffeinated and got to researching.