March 2009

Word is, Caffe Ladro’s espresso blend is worth trying. Linking it here so I won’t forget it.

This analysis is correct. My take is a little different, though. They didn’t *break* the internet; they broke IPv4. By doing that, they have slyly added a reason (i.e. impending doom) to accelerate adoption of IPv6, where their scheme will no longer suck. Greater adoption of IPv6 will *save* the internet. So they didn’t break it… they saved it. Q.E.D.

After the last post, I need to move to “trivial and fun.” So, here’s last weekend’s long run, and my current favorite for the deadliest run I know in Arlington. The hills around mile 4 mean business. If you take the hard trail from miles 4 – 6 or so (resist the temptation to bail back out to the W&OD…) you won’t even notice the climb on mile 9.5 – 10. Click here if no map appears below. Course completed in 95 minutes and change.

I almost tagged this “politics,” but it isn’t, really. It’s not unrelated to politics, but calling it that trivializes the issue in a way I’m not comfortable with. Regardless of who’s controlling which branch of whichever government you like to harp on, there should be no room in our society for something like this to happen. What’s worse, it sounds like this might even be in the range of outcomes considered “good”.