But when you know you’re just not going to have a very good run, for whatever reason, she’s excellent company for a jog. I don’t know anyone who gets more outwardly happy about running than she does. Today we “ran” 5k. Our first 3k were done in about 15 minutes. Our last 2k were another 20. This made sense, as I’m trying to ease my knee back into real runs, and she just loved it. Hopefully it’ll pay dividends in the form of a tired hound, too.

From the guy who writes Bizarro.

Tomorrow is the first of the “Dog Days” of summer. I never used to understand that expression. Now that I have two high-energy hounds (who really need to be exercised vigorously at least once a day in order to be pleasant house mates) I do. It means it’s too hot even for the dogs. With temperatures that stayed in the high 90s today until after sundown and forecasts into the triple digits for the rest of the week, it’s too hot for even the dogs. When we take them for walks or take them to the park to run around, being sensible creatures, they seek out a shady spot to relax.

If they lived in these temperatures, it might be just fine. Unfortunately, they live in a nicely climate controlled dogtownhouse. So after laying around soaking in the AC for a couple hours, they’re back to their usual energy levels. Sigh. Time to allow ball playing in the house :)