I don’t know quite what to make of this, or the fact that I found it so funny.

Unfortunately, life has again imitated The Onion. The Bush presidency seems to have a very high concentration of events that imitate The Onion. I wonder what that says.

The purpose of your books is to instruct people on how to wire their homes. The books contain instructions that could lead to electrocution. FAIL. Given the amount of time it takes to publish a book, you’d think this sort of error would be caught, particularly when it’s so fundamental to the book’s purpose.

And I think it’s spot on.

Just some links so I don’t lose them over the next few months:

I can never remember where to look at Apple to download iPod firmware without iTunes.

This gentleman has made it easy to find.

Just a few links that I want to remember for later:

Why google will be profitable

Why kids should never go unsupervised. (Thanks boingboing)

Personally, I think the guy called Zidane’s sister a slut.

This debate will never be settled.