Due to an absurdly bad streak of luck with my equipment, a kitchen remodel, a heavy work schedule, and some other demands on my time, I’ve barely kept up with email. When I’m in that place, posting here is out of the question. The kitchen remodel has now run its course, and I’ve turned my bad IT luck around with a nice new machine. Once I’ve finished transitioning my life to this monster MBP, I will post some photos of the remodel. The transformation is drastic. If I’ve missed an email or an IM from anyone, please resend… you’ve not been ignored, just lost in the flood.

With this, I’m jumping (reluctantly) into the world of weblogs. This is just a spot for ramblings that are purely my own and of little interest to people other than me or my close friends. And for most all of you who are close friends, you most likely wanted mollyandgeoff.com anyway. Most of the stuff here will be related to my views on computing, copyright and technology in general. You’ll probably see random political comments as well. The really fun stuff, like news about me and Molly and pictures of our hounds, will wind up on our web site. This will be boring. You’ve been warned.