Go into the advanced settings for your account and change the location for deleted items. Also select the “Never” remove option.

Change the mailbox for deleted items to “All Mail”.

This makes the delete button from your iPhone work just like the “Archive” button on gmail.

Amazon Rank. It’s a miserable failure.

I almost tagged this “politics,” but it isn’t, really. It’s not unrelated to politics, but calling it that trivializes the issue in a way I’m not comfortable with. Regardless of who’s controlling which branch of whichever government you like to harp on, there should be no room in our society for something like this to happen. What’s worse, it sounds like this might even be in the range of outcomes considered “good”.

Some really funny image generators.

about “knocking off” a politician on the side Fox likes, Fox would be calling for their head.

That’s irritating.

How many times have we all said similar about lesser things. [Link]